Adam Stone

Founder and CEO of Speedlancer

Adam Stone

Stone is the founder and CEO of Speedlancer, an online freelance marketplace for skilled writers, designers and data-entry professionals. It dubs itself the fastest service of its kind, with a guaranteed delivery of four hours. With Speedlancer, Stone was the second youngest founder to graduate from the exclusive 500 Startups accelerator at the age of 20. Aged 14, his second business had 130,000 paying customers already, and at 18 he won the Australian Global Student Entrepreneur Award from Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

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Adam Stone
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Entrepreneurs' Organization

Australian Global Student Entrepreneur Award

Speedlancer In The Press

It’s like having an “easy button” for your small design, writing, and data-entry tasks that need to be finished quickly. -Inc


Never doubt yourself or feel limited by something insignificant.

Adam Stone, Times of Israel

Reduce the risk of starting out by thinking cleverly about how much money is really required to build an MVP.

Adam Stone, Cloudways

A savvy business will always be guided by its success in marketing over everything else.

Adam Stone, Life Hacker
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Why Adam Stone

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Recently we invited Adam to speak at Masters Series by WeTeachMe. On our stage, he shared his personal business journey that included his learnings, and the hiccups that he experienced along the way. His candour and willingness to share his critical business learnings were value-adds for the audience and we’d love to have him back on our stage in the future.
Perry Crescini, Founder at iPerissos Digital Marketing

Adam is a highly ambitious millennial who I had the pleasure of interviewing for The Peers Project podcast. His humble and curious nature has led him to achieve incredible success in the entrepreneurial space since starting his first business at the age of eleven. It’s no surprise that he has been recognised by the likes of Forbes and for the support he provides to businesses through his platform Phenomenal work Adam!

Michelle Akhidenor, CEO at The Peers Project | Brand Podcasts


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Adam Stone at Growthhackers Conf 2019

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